Hey friend! We are so happy you found your way to our little space! 

We are Rae and Michael and if you can't tell already by our photos above, we are crazy in love. Like, head-over-heals, mushy gushy, can't get enough of each other in love. We are husband and wife, and parents to two sweet, adorable daughters. We met somehow at church (you know those people you're always around so you practically know each other without really knowing each other? that was us.) and somewhere along the way we started to date. Before we knew it we were the best of friends and life just seemed a whole lot sweeter together. We fell in love spending days at the beach, adventuring whenever we could, cuddled up watching movies, dancing as often as possible, making each other laugh, eating cereal at night, and simply finding fun wherever we were. One of our favorite days right before we got married was one we literally named "FUN DAY" where we made a list of random things we wanted to try... drove to downtown San Diego and then did them all in one, gloriously fun day together. 

Our passion for fun has carried over into our marriage and we are on a constant mission to enjoy the beauty in life-in all its stages. We know how quickly the seasons change: from our days of dating, to engagement, to marriage and now even parenthood. We have experienced the rapid pace at which time seems to go by, and we know how important it is to embrace the memories and experiences along the way. We are doing our very best to savor, cherish, document and bottle up the sweetness in life and we want to do it for you too. Here's how:


We LOVE weddings. They truly are our favorite. There is a very likely chance we will become lifelong friends if you choose to let us come along this journey with you. We can't tell you how many groomsmen end up looking like best friends with Michael by the reception or how many couples Rae still stays in touch with long after the wedding day. We will be there for you, making sure you look and feel your best. Whether its holding your bouquet, bobby-pinning your hair, cracking awkward jokes to help you relax, or being your backup ride when your car doesn't show up... we are your people. Having gone through our own wedding not long ago, we understand the array of emotions and the countless hours that go into planning your wedding. We know how important it is to breathe in each moment and truly savor all of the beauty that unfolds on this one momentous day. If you choose to have us, we will do everything we can to make your day stress free, fun, and everything you dreamed it would be. If this is sounding like the perfect fit for you, send us a message! We can't wait to get to know you! 


Family sessions are very dear to us and we always feel honored when people ask us to document their families. Now that we have two daughters of our own, photos of the four of us make our hearts so full. Having grown up in a family of eight, Rae naturally works well with large families, as well as smaller ones too! We will work with you on your individual needs and ideas and help ensure everyone is happy and having fun. If this is something you're looking for, feel free to send us a message!