Bits of Life | October Fun

October has been a month of little adventures for us and it has been so fun to experience new things with E. We have been to a few pumpkin patches already and her favorite things were riding on the carousel and seeing all the animals in the petting zoo. I love how big her heart is for animals already and seeing her face light up around the little goats was really the cutest thing. 

On the carousel she would not take her arm away from Michael's shoulders and he was the happiest dad for those few minutes on the ride with her. 

Her face! Seriously... she was the happiest with the animals! 


If anyone has been posting photos from southern California all dressed up in sweaters and plaid... don't be fooled. It has still been SO hot here! (What fall?) If the photo above isn't enough to prove my point, you can tell by E's red little cheeks. 


We love our sweet girl and her tiny little teeth coming in. They have been coming in pretty slowly, so each new one is super exciting (and relieving... teething is the worst!). 


Ev must have walked across that little bridge with Michael at least ten times. It was so cute how tightly she was holding onto his hand and seeing how proud she was once she made it down to the other side each time. 

The black and white photo above is one of my favorites of her to date. She loves to suck her thumb and her little smile behind it just kills me!