Dillon | Class of 2016 Senior Photo Session | Murrieta, CA

Dillon has a special place in our hearts because not only is he incredibly smart, charming, silly and outgoing... he is also dating my little sister Bernadette! He is the kind of person you just know is going to do amazing things in life. His strengths are in math and computers and he has been competing in robotics competitions for the last two years. (Which by the way, who knew the robotics world was so huge?! The things I'm still learning these days, haha!) 

Dillon also has a deep love for the Lord and is constantly seeking ways to grow deeper in his faith. He and Bernadette pray together every day and we just love seeing how God is working in their lives together. And really, isn't that awesome to see coming from a high school relationship? 

Here are some of our favorites from Dillon's senior session, with a few special appearances from Bernadette who decided to sneak into some of his photos ;) 

It also deserves mentioning that Dillon LOVES bowties. It was very fitting that he wore one for his photo shoot! 


He's such a goof and just had to ham it up for some of his photos... reminds me of Michael in a lot of ways ;) 

Congratulations on graduating in one month Dillon! We are so excited for you!