Emily + Daniël | Second Shooter | Manhattan Beach, CA Wedding

Last December, I had the pleasure of second shooting for a photographer friend of mine Elissa for a wedding in LA. It was sort of last minute so I didn't have much prior knowledge of the details except that it would be for the Catholic speaker/worship leader Emily Wilson and her Dutch fiancé Daniël. As I learned more about this sweet couple and their unique story, I became even more excited that I would be helping to document their wedding day. 

The majority of their relationship happened over 6,000 miles apart from one another with Daniël living in Europe and Emily living in the United States. They would call, skype, write letters, save up for plane tickets to visit each other... all the while praying and giving their relationship to the Lord, waiting until the day there would be no more distance keeping them apart.

They knew that this was the road God was calling them to. And finally, on the most beautiful day in December, their waiting was over. 


Before the ceremony, Daniël and his groomsmen prayed a decade of the rosary together and then prayed over Daniël. It was such a powerful moment seeing all these men gather before the Lord to lift up their brother. 

Just moments before Emily would walk down the aisle, she and Daniël were each joined hand-in-hand (eyes closed) to pray one final prayer together before becoming husband and wife. It was one of the sweetest moments of the entire day and the joy on their faces was unforgettable. 

Catholic musician Ike Ndolo and his band played some of the most incredible music during the ceremony. At one point near the end of the mass, the lights were dimmed and the whole church joined together in about fifteen minutes of praise and worship. It was hands down one of the most moving, spirit-filled wedding masses I have ever witnessed. 


The reception took place at the Verandas Beach House and the Christmas decor inside was nothing short of magical! 


Congratulations again to Emily and Daniël! And thanks to my girl Elissa for asking me to second shoot for her that day!

Church: Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church 

Reception Venue:  Verandas Beach House 

Main Photography: Elissa Voss

Videography: NOK Productions