Photo Session Planning Tip: Create an Experience

These photos are from last summer on our family vacation but I had to get them up on our blog because I just love them too much. We were all spending the day at the lake and I couldn't resist a little impromptu mini shoot with my brother and my soon-to-be sister-in-law swimming together in the water. I just love the simplicity and the realness in these pictures: their love for one another, the joy in their faces, and their adventurous hearts filled to the brim.

If you or someone you know are planning engagement or anniversary photos, here is my advice. Plan a date! Like, an actual date. Let your photographer be your third wheel (trust me, they won't mind) and plan something adventurous! Go for a swim in the ocean or lake, take a picnic on a scenic hike, paddle board together, explore downtown together, try something new. Think about the things you love to do together and the places that you love to go. Don't just pick a pretty field... choose something that you will look back on ten or twenty years later and think "that was where we loved to be together."

I promise, you won't regret it. 


Rachael | Senior Session | Murrieta, CA

I had so much fun photographing Rachael and getting to know her at our session together. She is a hard working student, the sweetest older sister to her siblings, and a kind, easy going person to be around. Not to mention she's totally gorgeous and made my job a breeze! She is going to college to become a teacher and I know God has some exciting plans for her and her future! 

Thanks for choosing me to take your senior photos girl! And thanks for hanging in there with me when I left my bag way out in the field and had to run back to get it ::face palm:: True story... I have those moments every now and again, haha! Just keepin it real here folks. 

And once again, golden hour was SO GOOD TO US. The sunlight just gets dreamier and dreamier as you scroll!